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Welcome to the Astex Allergy Bedding Online Shop

For further information go to for full details and specifications of all our products or telephone us on our freephone 0800 838098 or e-mail us on

Asthma sufferers purchasing from the Astex Pristine range of allergy bedding may be entitled to 0% VAT. Further details are available on the Astex Pristine home page or from HM Revenue & Customs. To claim 0% VAT go through check out process and at the "Coupon Page" enter "VAT0". This will deduct the VAT back off the value as a discount.

Discounts may be available to people on certain benefits when purchasing products from the Astex range. Please contact us for further details at

Fabric swatches are available. E-mail us, and we will forward fabric swatches and any other requested information.

Trade enquiries welcome

Astex Pristine EncasementsAstex Pristine Encasements
Astex Pristine Encasement Bedding encases the mattress/duvet/pillow which prevents any dust mites or their allergens being able to pass into the mattress or out of the mattress. Astex Pristine bedding is breathable, making it cool and comfortable to sleep on. Astex Pristine Encasements are registered as Class 1 Medical Devices.
Astex Active GuardsAstex Active Guards
Astex Active Guards, for pro-active control of dustmites and their allergens. Astex Active Guards slowly release a minute amount of an active ingredient which quickly kills all dust mites and continues to kill them for 2 years. Tested by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medecine they are a safe and effective alternative to Encasements.
Astex For BabiesAstex For Babies
Babies also need protection from dust mites and dust mite allergens while they sleep in their cots and first beds. Both the Astex Active and the Astex Pristine ranges are safe for children and we would especially recommend the Astex Pristine for young babies. Astex baby and young child products come in a variety of sizes to suit most cot and first beds.
Astex Pristine Travel GuardsAstex Pristine Travel Guards
When you are away from home, you can never be sure how clean the mattress you are sleeping on really is. So whether staying with friends or at a luxurious hotel it is worth taking your protection with you. Made from the same fabric as Astex Pristine Encasements, the travel range easily slip over the bed's sheets and are an easy and economic way to ensure that you are protected when away from home.


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